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I am a communication expert with international exposure to communication in various shapes and forms. I have nearly two decades of experience in working in advertising in Pakistan and abroad. My work has won global acclaim, including the most prestigious Cannes Lion award in 2015. I was the photographer for the public service campaign #notabugsplat that won Pakistan its only Cannes Lion, among various other international awards.


My expertise includes creative writing in English and Urdu, graphic design and photography.  I have been doing photography for more than a decade now. I have been involved in various applications of the photographic art. I have done both editorial and commercial work.


I work as a communication consultant providing services to different organisations in advertising and development sectors.



Client: Depilex Smileagain Foundation

Credit: Copywriter

  • Graphis Award 

  • Communication Arts Award for Excellence



Client: Reprieve/Foundation for Fundamental Rights

Credit: Photographer

  • Cannes Lion Gold

  • Grand Prix in Design, Adstars

  • AD & D Gold

  • London International Award Silver

  • Spikes Asia Silver

  • Cristals Gold

  • Red Apple Russia Gold

  • Dubai Lynx Gold

  • PAS Award

  • UN Award for Peace

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